Increase capital through prism of multiple transactions with assets - capital assets


Given the approach of the term for declaring income for tax purposes quite frequently, there are requests to explain the principles of calculating the capital increase when the person has had several acquisitions and acquisitions of assets that represent capital assets.>>>

Application of VAT to the services of a non-resident lawyer rendered to a resident entity of the Republic of Moldova


At present, more and more entities resort to the legal services of non-resident lawyers of the Republic of Moldova. Whether these are necessary in the context of certain international or national law relationships, it is important for accountants and auditors to properly apply tax value in these cases.>>>

Congratulations on the Day of the Accountant!


Dear Accountants! With the occasion of the professional celebration - the Accountant's Day, registered annually on April 4th, the Priminfo-Grup team brings sincere congratulations to all the collaborators working in this field! Accounting is the center of the activity of any entity, because no enterprise, institution, organization, small or large, can be conceived without the work of an accountant! >>>

Congratulations on International Women's Day


Dear ladies and colleagues!

On the occasion of this beautiful celebration - the International Women's Day, we wish you all the beautiful achievements, the health and the spirit of this day to accompany you everywhere!>>>

The moratorium on state control was extended for another three months


The Government has extended by three months, the moratorium on state control, beginning with July 1, 2016.
The extension of the moratorium comes to support the reform of state controls and will allow business to work without pressure, until the entry into force of the legislative >>>

The number of regulatory agencies will be reduced


The Government of the Republic of Moldova approved some adjustments and changes to the regulatory framework, especially to the Law 131 on the control over the activity of business, which stipulates the essential reduction of the number of regulatory agencies with control functions. Thus, out of 33 existent regulatory agencies only 11 will remain, as well as 5 independent regulators. >>>

Legal entities who pay wages "in envelopes" will pay a fine up to 75 thousand lei


Fines for payment of wages "in envelopes" will be increased to 25 thousand lei for individuals, and up to 75 thousand lei for legal entities, according to a draft amendment to legislation approved by the Government. >>>

The Government has approved the draft state budget for 2016


The Cabinet of Ministers approved the draft law on state budget for 2016 on revenues of 31.37 billion lei and on expenses amounting to 35.56 billion lei, with a deficit worth 4.18 billion lei. >>>

Happy Easter!


JOY comes from small things, PEACE comes from the soul, HOLIDAYS WARMTH comes from our hearts!

On this holiday, We wish you to enjoy with your loved ones the holy meaning of these bright  days. >>>

The draft law on State Tax Service has been published for public consultation


The State Tax Service (STS) is to be vested with rights and duties of agent ascertaining the economic-financial crimes and crimes involving directly the execution of tax liabilities to the budget, according to the draft law on State Tax Service published for public consultation by the Ministry of Finance >>>

Congratulation with International Women's Day


Dear ladies and colleagues!

On the occasion of this beautiful holiday – the International Women's Day, we congratulate you and thank you for the warmth of your hearts, for the beauty and tenderness you surround us with, for the goodwill and sensitivity you prove every day, for the warm >>>

Economic agents will be exempted from state controls for three months


The draft law on moratorium on state control, which stipulates to set up a moratorium for a three-months period on economic agents’ controls , was adopted by the Parliament in the first reading. The document will come into force after being adopted in the second reading. >>>

Warmest wishes to State Tax Service officers


Dear officers in the tax system,

On your professional holiday, Priminfo-Grup team is pleased to address the warmest wishes to everyone who works at State Tax Service and expresses considerable appreciation for the hard work and results obtained in reforming the tax system >>>

Warmest greetings on the occasion of Bank Officer’s day!


Dear officers in the banking system,

On the occasion of professional holiday – Bank Officer’s day, we would like to express our warmest greetings and best wishes! >>>

Main laws of the year 2015 - ENACTED


The main laws in the financial sector have been approved and are to come into effect as soon as these are published in the Official Gazette >>>

Congratulations on Accountant’s Day!


On the occasion of professional holiday – Accountant’s Day, Priminfo-Grup would like to express its sincerest congratulations and best wishes to everyone who, by hard work and genuine commitment, contribute considerably to the operation of national economy. >>>

Congratulations on the occasion of the International Women's Day


Dear Ladies, Colleagues and Partners,

Priminfo-Grup cordially congratulates you on the occasion of the International Women's Day and wishes you happiness and success. >>>

Priminfo Grup launched the series of informative newsletters for company’s clients


The company Priminfo Grup launched the first informative newsletter for its corporate clients.

”We frequently see that managers of companies or accountants in charge of calculations and handling of company’s financial means are facing the lack of information in the work process >>>

Should the sale of a summer house be liable to VAT?


Imagine the case when a company must deliver immovables (orchard plot of land with a summer house on it) in leasing or leaseback to natural persons. For natural persons, this immovable is obviously a dwelling place, being connected to all communal utilities. >>>

Congratulations on financial officer’s day!


Dear financial officers,

On the occasion of the professional holiday – Day of the financial officer, I kindly address my warmest wishes of health and wealth to all financial specialists in the country. On the one side, as a former employee in the financial system, I am fully >>>

About 63.5% of taxes paid for the production of biomass-based fuel are VAT


While producing biomass-based fuel, around 63.5% of taxes stand for VAT. Other 20.25% are intended for social and medical insurances, and 7.95% - tax on income. These figures are included in „Analysis of taxation system’s >>>

Priminfo-Grup addresses its warmest wishes to all State Tax Service officials


Priminfo-Grup wishes to congratulate all officials working in the fiscal service on the occasion of their professional day.

In the context of adopting strategic measures in the fiscal sector, we express our hope that the Tax Service will indeed >>>

A meticulous analysis is necessary in order to assess the opportunity for implementing the system of transfer prices in RM


In my opinion, a meticulous analysis is necessary for assessing the opportunity for implementing the system of transfer prices in Republic of Moldova. „Although sooner or later the system of transfer prices has to be implemented in R. Moldova >>>

TOP 5 pieces of advice upon fiscal controls


"Any fiscal control of the company is a stress for the institution’s management, and, particularly, for its accountants. With a view to reduce this tension, we come we come up with several pieces of advice to follow in order to >>>