About us

„We can’t change the direction of the wind, but we know how to adjust the sails correctly”.

Although being a simple quote we have chosen it as our company’s motto since it is very representative for us. All this - under circumstances when the legal framework of  Republic of Moldova in the economic-financial sector is more and more claimed to be sophisticated and less perfect.

For this reason, our aim is to assist the customers, beyond figures, in avoiding errors and risks generated by the gaps in this sector, as well as prevent wasting the time in an attempt to research a complicated area.

Throughout the 18 years of activity in the accounting and fiscal sector, we have concluded that, although the majority of institution  managers and even professionals in audit, accounting and taxation know how to correctly appreciate the direction of the wind, very few understand how to adjust the sails so that a company would smoothly and correctly follow its path. Still, not everyone should be „sailors in the sea of figures”, but continue being good „captains” in the fields they know how to score success.

Trust these aspects to professionals. WE are proud to assert that we have the best specialists in audit, consultancy, diagnosis and tax-related streamlining - all these alongside with the analysis and expertise of the institution’s financial activity.

We tend to provide real support for enterprises in terms of planning and tax-related streamlining, by extending and applying the fiscal diagnosis, which can be a part of a financial status audit, as well as provided as a separate service to the customers.

One real asset that we can attribute to the company covers the services of general audit, audit of financial institutions and audit in the insurance sector.

The assistance in business and the defence of entrepreneurs’ rights and interests in their relation to state control institutions requires special professionalism. At present, these services can be ensured not only to local customers, but also to foreign investors who plan to develop or have already on-going entrepreneurship activities on local and regional markets.

However, it would be meaningless just to list these services without saying that what matters the most is the attitude to do everything correctly, as if doing it for yourself. And this is how we, the Priminfo-Grup team, do it in our daily activity, and we are honoured to conclude that our customers are satisfied.

Welcome on board of  Priminfo-Grup!