Congratulations on financial officer’s day!

Dear financial officers,

On the occasion of the professional holiday – Day of the financial officer, I kindly address my warmest wishes of health and wealth to all financial specialists in the country.

On the one side, as a former employee in the financial system, I am fully aware of how complicated and little appreciated the financial officer’s work is. On the other side, as current representative of the business environment, I understand the importance of the correctly-implemented reforms, achieved through hard work on behalf of state institutions responsible for the financial sector.

All this being said, Priminfo-Grup would like to thank for the efforts invested in producing well-thought changes, which are helpful to and useful for the financial system in R. Moldova.

Priminfo-Grup wishes You great success and numerous achievements in the professional field, much health and prosperity!


Yours Faithfully,


Viorel Dandara,

Director of Priminfo-Grup