Support and Operative Solutions /SOS/

Under present circumstances, each company should be ready for unusual situations, which imply taking quick decisions. Although these aspects are usually neglected in R. Moldova and, most frequently, the top managements ignore them, they are part of the business.

Just as history cannot accept the conditional „if”, the roadmap of a company should be built in such a manner that there would not be any regret related to an „if”, which was the result of ad-hoc decisions that had affected the successful ongoing of the project.

All decisions associated to the economic-financial aspects of a company foresee a high level of knowledge of all legal provisions, rapidity in the analysis of all factors likely to influence the data of the situation, and, the most important, the adoption of certain decisions without the error margin.

Shall we leave this aspect only to the company’s accountants and/or financial managers, who are already burdened? Probably, the top-management would take such decisions? Of course, without a professional and cautious approach, the director of the company might take risky decisions in certain extreme situations, such as: attractive contractual provisions at the first sight, but with ambiguous meanings; specific checks on behalf of the Tax Inspectorate or other control bodies, where the best discussions are from professional to professional etc.

Coming up from the market requirements, the company Priminfo-Grup set up a department responsible for providing services and efficacious solutions, such as:

  • analyzing the contractual provisions according to priority and providing emergency explanations as regards the risks arising from some legislative vagueness or ambiguities;
  • emergency recommendations in the decision-taking process;
  • multi-lateral assistance and support in the process of fiscal controls or other checks of company’s economic-financial aspects;
  • prompt consultation for avoiding various errors and/or overcoming risks produced by the economic-financial activity etc.


Emergency does not necessarily involve risk!


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