Business consultancy

Throughout its activity, Priminfo-Grup shaped its image as a company providing original solutions in the view of minimising risks, as well as setting prospects for developing the customers’ business.

Conclusions and recommendations are issued grounding on complex methods and principles of analysis and evaluation of all factors, which influence whether directly or indirectly a process from the economic-financial activity of the customer or the business in general. The evaluation of the impact born by various factors and risks is an indispensable tool for drafting the necessary recommendations in the customer’s decision-taking process.

Priminfo-Grup has the right specialists in the right time who, following a close and detailed observation of changes and tendencies in the regulation of the business environment can provide well-documented and timely professional assistance.

We suggest strategic information to our customers as regards the identification and exploration of the best opportunities and market changes in which they operate.

Although rapid changes in the business environment are possible, we, the company Priminfo-Grup, are sure of the fact that for each problem of our customers there should be produced a personalised approach and solution. The relationship with each customer is developed from a blank platform on which we together build development and collaboration strategies. This cooperation is best expressed in our company’s motto: “We can’t change the direction of the wind, but we know how to adjust our sails correctly”.

Our services for business consultancy include:

  • providing real support to the company’s management in any decision-taking process;
  • conducting the economic-financial analysis of the entity’s activity and assessing the impacts born by internal and external factors upon the company’s development;
  • ensuring the adjustment of managerial policy to the requirements of the legislation in force in order to prevent the risks likely to highly affect the operation of private companies;
  • providing the necessary support upon the development of the economic development plan and strategy for the customer’s activity;
  • identifying and recommending the most advantageous opportunities for development, characteristic for the company’s field of activity;
  • generating the best solutions in the view of diminishing all kinds of risk in business (economic, legal and understanding)  etc.


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