Consultancy in accounting

The changes in the legislation on accounting result in new challenges for companies, regardless of their field of activity. Bearing in mind the rapid progress scored by the accounting system in R. Moldova over the last years, the capacity to keep abreast with all new regulations and specific standards become a real challenge for many entities.

The role of financial accounting for correctly presenting information is very important, since it provides a clear truthful overview of the assets, liabilities, financial status, profit or loss of the company. In such a way, no doubts can arise as regards the importance of a correct, prompt and professional consultation in accounting sector.

Our team of experts has the capacity to produce solutions to problems which arise from the adoption, not so long ago, of the new normative documents such as International Standards for Financial Reporting (ISFR) and, recently, the National Accounting Standards (NAS).

The Department for Accounting Consultancy under Priminfo-Grup has been organised so as to meet the customers’ needs in terms of accounting assistance to the highest possible level. The financial situations of our customers shall be harmonised with the Law on accounting, NAS and/or ISFR, as well as other legal documents in force.

Our team closely collaborates with the customers in order to ensure the best recommendations for the optimal structuring of accounting information - in particular, and financial information - in general.

Our services include:

  • analysing the accounting methods used and recommending the best forms of company’s book-keeping;
  • ensuring support and consultancy while addressing various issues in the process of book-keeping, including those which might appear when adopting the new standards on accounting and new plan of accounts;
  • providing recommendations while drafting an efficient book-keeping policy;
  • checking the correctness of accounting records and the accurate qualification of operations likely to affect the entity’s patrimony;
  • ensuring assistance while implementing the best solutions on: financial accounting, management accounting, staff records, managerial reporting, etc.


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