Diagnosis and fiscal improvement

At present, numerous entrepreneurs apply to Priminfo-Grup with the request to audit their companies, with a view to avoid potential problems in their relation with the state at the chapter of tax payment correctness. But, during a first consultation meant to decide upon the exact goal of the audit, the conclusion is that, actually, the companies need fiscal diagnosis and not audit, given the circumstances that companies are interested in checking the correct calculation and payment of taxes to the state budget, and nothing else.

Very often, the entrepreneur wishes to minimize the taxes he/she pays, but in a legally correct manner. Professionally speaking, they request that the duties to the budget or the fiscal ones are rationalised. In such situations, we inform the customer about the possibility of such streamlining only provided that several methods of fiscal diagnosis, analysis and planning are combined, complying with the legal norms set by the Tax Code and other legislative and normative documents in the field.

In the light of the above mentioned, our services at this chapter comprise:

  • diagnosis for the correctness of calculating, declaring and paying the taxes and duties by the company to the state budget;
  • analysis and comparison of financial accounting data with indicators of tax statements (reports);
  • improvement and planning of taxes and duties, bearing in mind the peculiarities of the company’s activity, legal regulations, factors of influence and associated risks.


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