Legal consultancy

Metaphorically speaking, in case of a business, the legal assistance is equal to a guardian who identifies the intruders or potential enemies likely to affect this business activity. Bearing in mind this element, the company Priminfo-Grup does not imagine its range of services without legal consultancy in business.

Generally, the actual practice in the society is focused on legal consultation in business, whereas, particularly, it stresses consultation in the commercial law, by legal entities developing their activity in R. Moldova or abroad, covering all operations performed by an entity since its establishment.

For its customers, Priminfo-Grup provides and promotes the “preventative law” approach, and, namely, through permanent consultancy.

As regards the legal consultancy services in business, we cover such aspects as:

  • contractual negotiations;
  • procedure of conciliation;
  • commercial disputes;
  • reorganization;
  • procedure of insolvency;
  • restructuring of financing;
  • work disputes.


Today, our orientation towards the customer is the most valuable. Priminfo-Grup knows how to come forth with innovative ideas generated as a result of properly understanding the business and customers’ needs and targets. The experience of Priminfo-Grup staff and their capacity to influence the business decisions of negotiating partners, the results-oriented approach, the availability to listen and answer, as well as the flexibility to meet the customer’s needs and requirements - all these are the company’s big trumps.

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